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Recently I was travelling out of town for a family celebration. I seized the opportunity to transform my journey into an adventure, and promptly packed necessary camping equipment.


I relished the anticipated serenity of camping by a river, so stopped at the Mangaweka Campsite. It always strikes me as amusing, the irony that one’s endeavours to get closer to nature are often less peaceful than living in the middle of suburbia.


Once the loud music of fellow campers ceased at about 2am, I slept soundly.


Waking, bleary-eyed, the next morning, I was struck by the beauty of the mist that had descended enveloping the surrounding trees and bush. I hurriedly reached for my camera to capture the atmosphere of the scene. No sooner had I grabbed it, I was gigging to myself. My eyes had adjusted, revealing the ‘mist’ was actually the white cliffs that define the Mangaweka landscape!




I quietly drove out of the ‘slumbering city’, and enjoyed a traffic-free drive to Waiouru.



There, I had the most delicious coffee, made expertly by Linda, at Jailhouse Coffee, Waiouru.

Such convivial conversation too!



I’ve now found my new coffee stop for when I’m off on adventures!



Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngauruhoe


Driving through Desert Road, the views were spectacular! Stopped briefly for the obligatory photo of Mount Ruapehu to send to the ‘family chat’. (It’s become quite the tradition.)  I even managed to sneak Mt Ngauruhoe into the shot.


How often do we stop and just ‘be’ on the Desert Road? I must confess, we don’t normally stop, but merely snap shots out the window as we hurtle along the road, eager to reach our destination.


The stillness of the morning, with the quiet chirrup of the …..wee bird I have no idea the name of…..was eerie, and hauntingly beautiful. The stillness was occasionally shattered by a great explosion of sound as cars whizzed by, but peace would descend again, just as rapidly, revealing the wee songstress still warbling her lament.


Lake Taupo


Onward, where I was chuffed to find I was the early bird, and had beaten the crowds to our favourite spot by Lake Taupo. I promptly reversed Bri into position.(Bri is our trusty goddess/shield-maiden of a vehicle. How she got her name is a story for another day.)


Very rarely do we pass this particular area without stopping for a ‘water blessing’. The season determines how ‘blessed’ we will be, whether mere fingertips in the frost-bitingly cold winter, or full immersion in the peak of summer, with a refreshing swim. There was once an occasion when my derriere proved too tempting as I bent to touch the frigid winter waters, and an unceremonious shove from my delightful wee daughter sent me plummeting in, fully clothed, for a full baptismal experience. The family laughed hysterically, but I don’t recall finding it particularly amusing at the time.



Lake Taupo Inspiration



Relishing the fresh morning air, I opened the back door, and invited inspiration to join me, along with a few special crystals I’d assembled.



Feeling immense gratitude for the serenity by the lake, and the beauty and synchronicity of the morning’s experiences, I was well and truly in my ‘happy place’.





labradorite pendant mid-creation



Inspiration arrived, and as she wove her magic, we were joined in joyful dance by Creativity.









labradorite pendant



I slipped into the cooling, rejuvenating Taupo waters for a rewarding swim, leaving a newly-created labradorite pendant winking and flashing in the sun.












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