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When creating, I’m often taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, never more so than when things don’t go according to plan. So often, the experiences provide a metaphor of the grander themes we experience on the larger stage of life. I’d like to share one such journey . . .


broken moonstone


I felt broken. Ill. Depleted. My creative passion and enthusiasm had been obliterated in one nanosecond. Unbelieving, I stared at the broken pieces of moonstone in my hand.





“Perseverance”, I was reminded.






Without really knowing where to begin, I simply made a start.




After quite some time my small, clumsy movements had formed a solid foundation upon which to ‘grow my tree’. The roots twisted through the cracks and began to embrace the broken-hearted moonstone.





praying mantis totem



As I worked, I was joined by a praying mantis.



He had reminders for me too – to be calm, patient, creative and to follow my intuition (which is what I always do when I create anyway, but especially when handling moonstone, the epitome of intuitive stones).





never give up



The tree never gave up. It desired growth, whether on smooth or rocky outcrops.



From the twisted, gnarled sterling silver branches, a few buds of lime green peridot burst forth, symbolising new growth, hope and optimism.





completed moonstone tree



May you embrace the message of this enduring creation, whilst at the same time enjoying its unique beauty.


The Persevering Tree.



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