Pauline has the most beautiful slender wrists, I swear, she should be a wrist model. Her granddaughters would, no doubt, concur, but it is the beautiful bracelets she wears that really capture their attention.

To have very special bracelets crafted, similar to her own, yet each one unique, were Christmas gifts Pauline knew her precious cherubs would be thrilled with.

They were the sweetest wee bracelets I’d ever made. Understanding the intention behind the bracelets, and how completely Pauline adores ‘her girls’, the love just poured through me as I constructed them.

Inspired by the delicate beauty and magical sparkle, and sharing a similar intention, Dave requested special gifts for his nieces. Using the same shades of violet, purple and clear Swarovski crystal elements, Czech crystal and sterling silver components, along with delicate beads of amethyst and charoite, it was equally delightful creating the special dear wee bracelets – one of them so teensy I had to size it around an egg-cup!

I feel so privileged to be able to immerse myself in the joy and magic of creativity, all the while imagining the wonder with which the truly special gifts will be received, and appreciating the immense love with which they are given.