Gaining inspiration from beauty, particularly in Nature, in my beautiful home area of the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand, I love to express in colour in the form of various seascape and landscape originals, using oil and acrylic paints.

I also enjoy surrendering control to a purely intuitive process – with the highest intentions for healing and growth, surrendering to intuition and the rhythm of random brushstrokes, paint is applied to canvas. Through relaxed observation, images then emerge from within the wondrous tapestry of colour and texture. The images are then highlighted, and brought to the fore. They are messengers of love, healing and inspiration. May they uplift and inspire, on multiple levels.

Although many of the originals of these artworks have sold, some prints are available, so the upliftment and healing energies can be shared with a wider collective. For any queries, contact Kathryn.

(Images are varied – some portrait, some landscape. In order to display the full artwork, please click on actual image in the slider.)