Beautiful glossy artwork on front and back, with blank inside, awaiting your personal message

Alchemy Rose card
Alchemy Rose Card
“Alchemy Rose”, high gloss card. Blank inside. Intuitive art. In the afterglow of The Violet Flame Of Transmutation, from within the swirling mists, appears “Alchemy Rose”. Unconditionally she offers her gifts of acceptance, healing, love and peace, even in the midst of turmoil.
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Kapiti Island postcard
Kapiti Island Postcard
High gloss Kapiti Island postcard, with matt black and white reverse side. Message on reverse of postcard, "Regardless of where in the world you find yourself, embrace the revitalising energy of rhythmic waves and fresh, salt air of Kapiti."  
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Ganesh card
Ganesh – The Remover of Obstacles, Card
Ganesh - high gloss greeting card. Blank inside. From purely intuitive beginnings, infused with the energy of an August full moon, emerged Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity. Feel the reassurance of his presence as he walks in the shadows with you, helping unearth, then clear, anything that holds you back from Lightness of Life.
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Frigg n Dragon
Frigg “n” Dragon Card
Frigg 'n' Dragon, high-gloss greeting card. Blank inside. Reverse message, "Out of the Fires of Alchemy rise powerful Norse Goddess, Frigg, and her Dragon. Embrace all they symbolize – Courageous Transformation, Confronting Fears using Fiery Vitality to Light The Way." Includes plain envelope. Intuitive artwork.
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