From the highest intentions for healing and growth, images then emerge from within the tapestry of random brushstrokes

Tangerine Dream Team, spirit horse art
Tangerine Dream Team
May the vibrance of the Triple Dream Team uplift and inspire you. May the calm and steady rhythm of horses’ breath, hoof and heartbeart, find its match within you as a flicker of inspiration grows confidently to a steady flame of self-belief, joyous expression and inspired action! Original oil painting, 12" x 12". Intuitive art. Was $165. Reduced to $85
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Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles
Ganesh – Remover of Obstacles
Ganesh, The Remover of Obstacles. From purely intuitive beginnings, infused with the energy of an August Full Moon, emerged Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity. Feel the reassurance of his presence as he walks in the shadows with you, helping unearth, then clear, anything that holds you back from Lightness of Life. 12" X 16" Acrylic on canvas.
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