your unique bracelet
Your Unique Bracelet
A one-on-one session with Kathryn to create your own bracelet, unique to your requirements. Cost of $60 includes private session with one bracelet. If further bracelets desired, available at $35 each. A large selection of gemstone beads, plus Tibetan silver alloy components. (More exclusive beads, Swarovski Crystal Elements, and sterling silver components available, at extra cost.) Perhaps someone is moving away and you’d like to create bracelets together. The beautiful bracelets you then wear, will be an ongoing connection with each other, regardless of the distance of separation, and an enduring reminder of the fun you had creating them. Would you like a memorial bracelet for a loved one who has passed? Do you feel you’d like to create something unique to serve as a reminder of your current focus and intentions on your path? Each bead selected can be symbolic and meaningful, unique to your needs. Crystal oracle cards can also be used to gain greater insight if you’d like to take the symbolism to the next level. Do you simply want to get creative and play with colour and charms?
If you would like to create your own special ‘reminder bracelet’, or you’d like to join with friends and get creative together, I’d love to join you, and facilitate the unleashing of your creativity. Depending where you live, we could arrange to do this ‘live’, or I could create something on your behalf, following your input, via Skype or messaging. Contact Kathryn to arrange your group session of fun and creativity.
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tiger's eye earrings
Tiger’s Eye and Swarovski Earrings
These beautiful tiger’s eye and Swarovski earrings have been painstakingly and lovingly handcrafted,using quality tiger's eye beads, sterling silver earwires, Argentium silver twist wire, with Swarovski Elements nut-shimmer focal beads.  Were $79, now $69. See photos for matching pendant and bracelet also available, (listed under bracelet and specials sections). Each item sold separately. This listing is for the earrings, only.
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Sale! tiger's eye pendant
Tiger’s Eye Pendant
This beautiful tiger's eye pendant has a beautifully rich shimmer on both sides, so has been designed for either side to show at the front. Pendant is cradled in sterling silver and argentium wire, sterling necklace bail, and with Swarovski Elements nut shimmer bead. (Silver coloured display chain necklace included, free.) See photos for matching earrings and bracelet also available. Each item sold separately. This listing is for the pendant, only.
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tiger's eye bracelet
Tiger’s Eye, Swarovski and Sterling Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet has been lovingly handcrafted using tiger’s eye with a high flash and shimmer. Some of the beads are asymmetrical due to being hand-cut. The silver components are sterling silver. The Swarovski elements beads consist of a rich topaz, with mirror coating on half of the bead, and dark nut bead with a hint of brass-coloured mirror coating, that shows when the light catches it on various angles. See photos for matching pendant and earrings also available, (listed under earrings and specials sections). Each item sold separately. This listing is for the bracelet, only.
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Sale! 745 olivine and black heart bracelet
Olive Green Swarovski Bracelet
Stunningly elegant bracelet with chunky beads of tourmaline, tourmalinated quartz and olive green Swarovski crystal elements. The beautiful heart charm and central bead filigree 'cradlers' are sterling silver, with a large central focus bead of clear Swarovski crystal elements with rainbow mirror coating.
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Sale! chevron amethyst pendant
“Sabrina” – Chevron Amethyst Pendant
Sabrina - beautiful tumbled chevron amethyst pendant, cradled in sterling silver and argentium sterling silver. Free silver-plated chain included.
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