Our lives can feel very challenging at times, as if we’re continually climbing steep mountains. It’s probably more apt to view life as being more like a mountain range. Sometimes we’re struggling to climb a steep ascent, or feeling the pain of a steep descent, whilst at other times we enjoy a gentler, undulating journey. From the vantage point of the Prehnite Fairy, there’s a sense of the renewal of Spring, feeling accomplishment for the effort of an achievement thus far and feeling capable to face the challenges that lie ahead. For now, enjoy the pause, and the clarity gained from such a high perspective.
Inspiration for this painting was gained from a pretty prehnite stone that looked like a snow-capped mountain. On the reverse side of the stone was an inclusion that looked like a fairy, and synchronicities around the creation of this image entwined Scotland into the story. Prehnite has many properties, including helping one connect to beings on the higher spiritual plane.

The Prehnite Fairy Mountain. Original oil painting, 9″ x 12″. Was $77, NOW $55.