dragon chakra bracelet
Dragon Chakra Bracelet
Dragons, lovingly handcrafted of pewter, in Wales, stand protectively either side of the central focus bead of hypersthene. The bead itself, looks rather like a dragon's eye is keeping watch, when viewed in a particular light, at a particular angle. Dragons symbolise protection, and transformation. Chakra bracelets symbolise overall peace and balance. This bracelet has been lovingly constructed using carefully selected hypersthene, garnet, red jasper, carnelian, tiger's eye, citrine, fluorite, blue lace agate, kyanite, amethyst and rainbow moonstone, with Swarovski crystal elements securely cradling the moonstone. The Swarovski caps are clear, with rainbow ab coating.
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Sale! 745 olivine and black heart bracelet
Olive Green Swarovski Bracelet
Stunningly elegant bracelet with chunky beads of tourmaline, tourmalinated quartz and olive green Swarovski crystal elements. The beautiful heart charm and central bead filigree 'cradlers' are sterling silver, with a large central focus bead of clear Swarovski crystal elements with rainbow mirror coating.
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