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Where does Kathryn’s motivation spring from?

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Where does my motivation spring from? Love and connection.

My apologies for the cliche, but it really does all come back to love.

Feelings of love, and connection to the Source of all life, accessed through the beauty of Nature, and her creations, is a huge aspect of my love of gemstones. This also provides my inspiration for painting sea and landscape scenes.

My connection with higher realms, and willingness to fulfil my role as messenger via the mediums of beauty, energy and art, in service for the upliftment of others, springs from the acknowledgement and love of our shared connection, and desire that we may all embrace our most joyous lives and expressions of self, in this lifetime.

The personal service I provide, ensuring clients’ unique needs are met, all comes back to valuing the special connection with each person.

The ‘energy exchange’ that then takes place, in turn, supports love – the ability for me to travel to visit my daughter, who lives half a world away.

With immense gratitude, thank you for sharing in this expression of love and connection with me,

Warmest blessings, Kathryn

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