Kathryn JaneAbout Kathryn

From my early studies in psychology and human development, to then raising my four beautiful children, I am now a full-time artist, owner, designer, creator, photographer and marketer of my art and jewellery business.

I crave creative expression through paint, song, sculpture, photography and poetry, but it is through creating beautiful jewellery out of authentic gemstones that I express my love of nature.

Experiences with gemstones are unique for each individual. Personally, I greatly value the reminders and symbology they provide, and the powerful feelings they evoke within me. In much the same way a solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy to then store it in a battery pack, I imagine the stones to be charged with a particular energy, which I then find a restorative reminder when wearing or handling that stone. The wonder of being drawn to a particular stone, then further research revealing its purported properties are entirely apt at the time, is a captivating, synchronistic bonus, and a reassurance of a power greater than myself.  Wearing gemstone jewellery is an integral part of my everyday holistic approach to well-being and happiness.

Early on, to get them out of my pockets, and into the light, where they belonged, I started ‘cradling’ gemstones in wire to transform them into wearable pendants. 

It excites me to be able to share these lovingly-handcrafted creations with you, and I’m incredibly humbled and grateful, as with each ‘adoption’ I’m that much closer to being able to give my beautiful daughter a big hug. (She lives 18,803 km across the sea – a minimum 27 hours’ flight time.)


When creating with these natural treasures, of New Zealand and worldwide origin, I follow my heart and surrender to the flow of inspiration and intuition throughout the process, honouring the integrity of each piece. The beautiful stones are wire-wrapped with quality 925 sterling silver or tarnish-resistant Argentium sterling silver 935, (and occasionally copper wire), creating beautiful, unique, enduring pendants of value.


Time is taken to ‘tune in’ and intuitively select from a vast array of quality gemstones, Swarovski crystal elements, sterling silver, Tibetan silver, bronze, and charms to harmoniously unite the various components into beautiful items of jewellery.

Strong, high-quality elastic is used in the construction of bracelets, this being the most user-friendly and efficient. Bracelets are super-quick and easy to slip on for people of any age without the fear of magnetic clasp failure, or fiddly lobster clasps. 

Manufacturing Process 

My process is completely low-tech. My tools are my hands, needle-nose pliers and precise wire-cutters. When the weather’s conducive, I gather my treasures into my backpack and escape into the heart of nature to create. Such tranquillity evokes the connection we have with the vast, ancient, powerful, timeless and mysterious – a resonance with the very pulse and breath of Mother Earth. I wish for these powerful renewing energies to be shared with each creation, and hope all recipients of Kathryn Jane Design jewellery benefit from greater inner peace, balance, emotional healing and upliftment in their lives.


Gaining inspiration from beauty, particularly in Nature, in my beautiful home area of the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand, I love to express in colour in the form of various seascape and landscape originals.

I also enjoy surrendering control to a purely intuitive process – with the highest intentions for healing and growth, surrendering to intuition and the rhythm of random brushstrokes, paint is applied to canvas. Through relaxed observation, images then emerge from within the wondrous tapestry of colour and texture. The images are then highlighted, and brought to the fore. They are messengers of love, healing and inspiration. May they uplift and inspire, on multiple levels.

Personal Service

I embrace the greater consciousness that guides us in love, and use art, crystals and oracle cards as a means to interpret the mysteries, and help understand, shift and heal on an energetic level. My passion is to assist like-minded souls in taking responsibility for their lives to step into empowered, joyful living, using soul art journeys, oracle cards and crystals in an holistic approach to support this.

This website is regularly updated as new creations are completed. If you don’t find quite what you’re looking for, or if you’d like something unique and personal created that carries the highest intentions for well-being, empowerment and love, I’d be honoured to partake in the creative process with you.  This could be a celebratory gift for a birthday, promotion, Christmas or anniversary, or to express condolences, or to even offer support on paths of spiritual development, enlightenment and ascension.  (As a side note, these beauties last so much longer than bouquets of flowers!)

If you’d like something special for yourself, perhaps even to boost or maintain your sense of self-worth and empowerment, I would love to help. I’m able to select cards from a crystal oracle deck to help find a gemstone or combination of stones that may help to support you on the current stage of your journey. For a unique healing experience, perhaps you’d like a paint journey reading?

Whether for yourself or a loved one, contact me to create something heart-felt and deeply meaningful, drawing from my source of beautiful gemstones, or perhaps transforming your own special stone into a stunning piece of jewellery, or even painting a special scene ripe with meaning and loving memories. 

Thank you for sharing in this inspiring, creative journey with me. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Warmest blessings, Kathryn