At times I visualise how a particular gemstone pendant might look, but when I actually begin the wrapping process, the design takes on a life of its own.

Both the tumbled stones, with their free-form shapes, and the cabochons, with their symmetry, are a joy to work with. The feel of each of the stones is unique and beautiful, with the silver designs ranging from simple to ornate.

I have absolutely loved creating these beautiful items of jewellery. My greatest challenge has been to try to limit the number of creations to display – they are all so beautiful! Enjoy browsing through these previous pendants, some of which were clients’ favourite stones they wished to have transformed into wearable pendants, and some with bracelets created to match. You may also notice a few of the mens’ pendants.

If you have gemstones you’d like transformed into jewellery, or you would like a pendant created from one of my vast range of beautiful gemstones, contact me – I’d be honoured to create something special for you.

  • Jewellery Type: Gemstone pendants
  • Materials: Gemstones - cabochons and tumbled free-form stones. Swarovski crystal elements. Gemstone beads. Sterling silver and Argentium sterling silver. Copper.